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Kendra Vicken

I love words and have made a living constructing beautiful sentences and thought-provoking articles. But what I love more than words, is the silence that falls when words fail. I strive to capture the pang of silence in new love, when spilling your heart is more vulnerability than you can bear so the words sit in your mouth like savored wine; or in grief, when words cannot capture the despair nor make up the emotional difference; or in joy when the good is so overwhelming that words are lost in celebration.

This is why I create: to tell my own silent stories that have no other way out and to give audiences a chance to rest in the lines, in the abstract, and allow the work to read their own silent stories back to them.

I create, not to fill the silence but to celebrate it.

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I believe in the power of imperfection and that you should

never state the obvious.


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